Back to Basics – “THE CHECKLIST”

This was spurred by my “Back to Basics – why can’t we get this shit right?!” talk that I gave at CrikeyCon 2021 – in order to assist people fixing these things, I have put together a checklist of basic security items that we should be doing in order to further secure our environments! (Thanks for the idea Charlie!)

This is an incredibly quick and dirty list, created literally the night before I gave the talk, and it will be evolving over time to be more extensive and include more information.

Feel free to print out and check off the items you’ve done…and wave it in front of your management and techs for some ammunition to get things fixed!


[frontend-checklist name=”Identify”]


[frontend-checklist name=”Protect”]


[frontend-checklist name=”Detect”]

Respond & Recover

[frontend-checklist name=”Respond and Recover”]

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