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Lego Update – July 2015

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So I realise that the last time I did a Lego update was back in April last year. That’s a long time and a heap has changed. Saddest thing – I’ve had to pack up a whole heap. I have five giant rolling storage boxes filled with all the Lego I’ve taken apart. I dismantled all my Creator (minus the… Read more »

Lego Update – July 2014

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Realised it’s been a while since I’ve done an update on where my home Lego collection currently stands, so thought I’d throw up a few photos. (Top of the bookcase above my desk) (Top of my Ikea 5×5 Expedit bookcase) (In the Ikea 5×5 Expedit bookcase) (The pieces that won’t fit anywhere else so they have to go on the… Read more »

Lego collection update

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I figured it’s been a while and I also figured it’d be nice that after my last four blog posts about professional stuff, it would be nice to have something a bit more fun. My Lego collection has somewhat changed since the last time I did a post. Quite a few more additions and I am *literally* running out of… Read more »

Lego, oh how you rock…

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So, this is totally off-topic from my standard blog posts. Sorry to those who get distracted…not my fault! For those not in the know, I am an avid Lego collector. I love Lego. I collect lots of it…and I mean *lots*. I’ve run out of room to put my Lego creations…and I have more on the way at Christmas. It’s… Read more »