Seriously slack…and seriously sorry!

Hi – just a blanket apology for being completely slack and not doing a new blog post in a while (even though I have about 20 drafts!) and not keeping up to date on here. Just looked at it and have seen it’s been nearly THREE MONTHS. That’s just ridiculous. I’m super sorry.

No excuses, just a few reasons why this hasn’t been my primary focus:

  • Unless you don’t know me *AT ALL* or have been living under a rock, you’d know that I’m now about 6 months pregnant, heading into the final stretch of creating a tiny hooman and bringing another geek into the world. I didn’t quite realise how much that takes out of a person until experiencing it for myself. I am usually so tired by the end of my day that it’s all I can manage to eat, shower and collapse (quite literally) into bed.
  • Health issues, due to said creation of tiny hooman, have become somewhat worse…making me somewhat broken. This has affected my hands and wrists, meaning that spending hours typing outside of work is just not going to happen because they need to recover.
  • Work stuff is still progressing, but also taking up a little more of my time than usual due to a) some funky reshuffling happening (yay for restructures!) and b) because I’m taking quite an extended period of leave, I’m having to wrap up all the stuff I’m working on (which is apparently quite a lot!)

I promise to try and get at least *one* post up before geekling arrives, as I imagine that after he/she gets here I’m going to be somewhat distracted for a little while.

Thanks for being patient and understanding and I promise I haven’t lost any of my sysadmin snark or drive to provide information to you all!

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