Tech.Ed 2013 – Day 3, Thursday 5th September

And we’re onto Day 3 – I’m surprised I’m still conscious!

Thursday, 5th Sept:

I tried so hard to be up in time for the first session, I really did. Sadly, the sinus infection I’d been battling (as well as the alcohol that I’d had the night before) decided that an early morning was not for me. So I finally made it back to the convention centre around 8:45am. Hey, I was still impressed that I was standing upright and conscious!

As I’d missed the first sessions I’d wanted to see (“DFSR has been hitting the gym” – yay for recordings and uploads!) and instead decided to crash a different session where it wouldn’t be so noticeable if I snuck in the back. The session I went to was “Windows 8.1 Folders Overview: My Corporate Data on all My Devices” – seriously, I’m so pleased I did. Really entertaining. Was really interesting too – took some notes, took away a whole bucket load of information and made a note to attend the sessions that evening on the server side of work folders.

Next session was the lab I missed out on earlier…which I missed out on AGAIN! Sheesh, just not quick enough. Decided to catch up with a few people and vendors in the expo hall. Actually went and chatted to some people that would be either beneficial for my job (data sovereignty, Australian cloud providers, active directory monitoring, log aggregation etc. etc.) as well as things that will benefit myself (looking at doing an IT Masters after I eventually finish my current degree, looking at doing some training courses). The fact that I didn’t feel rushed made it much easier – feeling like you have to move from booth to booth as quickly as possible means you do miss out. By coming back to the expo hall an actually *speaking* with the vendors that interest you mean that you’ll get more meaningful information to take away. You *will* remember it!

I was so engrossed in whatever I was doing that morning tea came and went without me noticing. Poked my nose into the “PowerShell Demo Extravaganza” – I’ve used PowerShell before but even some of this was just a bit ‘Woah!’ for me. Left before I felt stupid 😛

Lunch was going to be at the convention centre, but ended up out for lunch at Koi with another Twitter friend, which was fabulous. We both got a bit engrossed in conversation and ended up chatting for a good 2 hours, which was awesome. Was a bit late for the next session and I’d *PROMISED* to be there. Felt a bit bad. Apparently the presenter called out to me a few times trying to see if I was there – tip: My name is either JESS or JESSICA. It is *not*, under any circumstances, Jessi/Jesse/Jessie/Jessy. I am not a dog. Was a bit sad I wasn’t there, but some of my work mates were and they said it was really good, and passed on a few of the highlights. Was *almost* as good as being there.

Afternoon tea was uneventful – loaded up the laptop, checked mail (both personal and work), did a quick Twitter check (though I was constantly on Twitter on my phone…as those who follow me well know!) and checked up on news. Nothing eventful.

Headed off a bit early in order to have a shower, get changed and dump all my kit in preparation for the after-party on the Thursday night. It’s just much easier if you don’t have to cart a bag with you!

Got back in time to see some of “2012 Storage Efficiencies Demonstrated” which was pretty darn cool. The new storage stuff is somewhat amazing, I’m just hoping I get the opportunity to actually put some of it into practice. Fingers and toes crossed.

Next up was “Server 2012 R2 Work Folders” which to me, felt like a continuation of the first session of the morning, but from the back end of things. Definitely worth a look for those who are interested in putting work folders in place.

BY this stage, it was then time to head for the buses in order to get to MovieWorld. YAY! MovieWorld! ^_^

Managed to get on a bus with a group of troublemakers (you know who you are…), wristbands attached (allowing us to go on rides, pretty much stating that were weren’t drunk….yet) and ready for action. First thing that happens – the whole group splits up and we lose everyone. Happens every time *facepalm*

Caught up with a group, and decided going on some rides would be fun. So we did (in order) –

  • The Superman: Super fun (ha, see what I did there?!) but the line was waaaaaaaaaay too long. Took nearly 45 minutes to go on, ride lasted maybe 30-40 seconds.
  • Dodgem cars: I just watched this one, was funny to watch work mates trying to take each other out!
  • Batman: This was awesome fun, but I’ve done it before. Would’ve loved to go more than once, but didn’t want to re-line up. Wait was short though, only a few minutes.
  • Arkham Asylum: By far my favourite of all the rides. This used to be the Lethal Weapon (and I’d been on it as that before) but going on it in the dark was terrifyingly awesome. Work mate who came on with me wasn’t as happy with the ride. It hink the words used were “If that had gone for 10 more seconds, I would’ve thrown up”. That, in my eyes, is a total success for a ride 😛

They also had super characters wandering around – Joker, batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman. Was very cool. Was very sad not to see Harley (ahhh…Harley Quinn, my favourite… -sigh- ) but I suppose she’s not to everyone’s tastes. The food served was lovely (although I wouldn’t recommend mixing indian and italian food – although pasta on poppadoms is very nommy!) and the desert was delicious – ate many many many baby lemon meringue pies! Also had more than a few drinks, but I was obviously still very conscious as they kept letting me on the rides!

By this time it was around 9pm, so it was time to pile back onto the buses and head back. But the night was still young! A bunch of us headed back to our respective hotels, dumped stuff, and then wandered over to Jupiters Casino to continue the party at the Atrium Bar. THEY HAD BELVEDERE VODKA! I was a happy…I was going to say chappy, but girly will work. So knocked a few of them back and then the party started to disperse. A bunch headed off to Surfers to continue, but at 2am I decided that sleep was more important. Staggered (literally) back to my hotel and crashed for the night.

Up next…you’ll never guess…DAY 4!

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