Lady Gaming Streamers – we really don’t need to see your boobs…

So, I got a bit cranky at a tweet that was promoted by Blizzard on Twitter a few days ago – the tweet was for a female streamer (won’t go into names, I prefer not to do name-and-shames) and the image for the stream was of her – and, of course, a blatant cleavage shot.

This turned into a bit of crankiness (that for some reason is still going on days later…) when I asked what boobs had to do with a gaming stream.

Rule #1 on Twitter – don’t tweet while cranky, hangry or all of the above.

Look – I’m all for women being able to wear what they want and do what they want with their bodies. I’m all for women who want to flaunt what they’ve got. But when you’re using your body to entice viewers to your gaming stream, all you’re doing is objectifying yourself.

The guys who are coming to watch your stream may end up loving your gaming style and love the games you play…but they probably started watching because of the exceedingly obvious cleavage shots.

I want to watch women streamers because they’re GOOD. I want to see a female streamer promoted because of her skill with the game – not because of how pretty and perky she is.

Women have struggled to be taken seriously in the gaming industry and STILL struggle (you only need to look at the fall-out from GamerGate to see that it’s still a major issue). They struggle to be seen as more than just sexual objects, there for someone else’s viewing and gratification. Which means the women who promote themselves and their stream by “displaying their attributes” aren’t helping other women. THEY’RE MAKING IT WORSE.

I play video games. I don’t stream. Main reason is, listening to an Aussie chick constantly swearing about dying/failing/missing a jump (because jumping puzzles suck…) isn’t the kind of thing people would be interested in watching. I know, my husband gets cranky at me all the time while playing – if even HE can’t stomach me…sheesh.

But I do watch a fair bit of streaming – most of it through my other half’s Twitch account (because his phone is what’s paired to the ChromeCast in the bedroom). Not a huge amount of female streamers, but the ones we watch are amazing gamers – and they’re not out for the views based on their looks. They get the views because of the type of gamer they are, because of the games they play, because they’re ENTERTAINING!

My issue with female streamers who promote themselves by using their body is this – there is an issue within the industry of women being objectified. You using your body the way you are isn’t helping – it’s making it worse. Because guys see you going it – and believe it’s okay to then objectify ALL women. Especially women streamers.

And it’s not.

3 thoughts on “Lady Gaming Streamers – we really don’t need to see your boobs…

  1. Captain Graycat

    Completely agree with you on this. I’ve only recently got into gaming in my late 30’s so Twitch is a great way for me to see how it should / could be done but seriously, the number of ladies streaming mainly their most prominent features over the game play content really irks me. It’s on par with those companies employing eye candy to stand on their stands at IT conferences to attract punters. If your product is that bad, it won’t matter who you’ve got on your stand as I won’t be buying anything!

    1. girlgerms Post author

      This is exactly it. I want to watch you gaming, not look at your tits. If you want to stream your boobs, that’s what YouPorn is for.

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