Scandinavian Awesomeness – Part 7

Still in Trondheim – today was the more traditional museums ๐Ÿ™‚ Started off with an exceedingly healthy breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup and profiteroles (very nom!) then a brief chill in the hotel room until it was time to head out, as the cathedral didn’t open until 11.

Short walk to the cathedral, took some photos outside (as you can’t take any inside). Quickly purchase the tickets for all three exhibits then head into the cathedral while the mini concert is still playing – let me tell you, hearing the organ in that cathedral was just amazing. Spent a good half an hour wandering through admiring the place – blown away by the architecture and the artwork. The stained glass windows were just gorgeous.

Next, on to the archbishop’s museum. This was incredibly interesting – discussing all facets of the archbishop’s palace, the cathedral and its history. Quite a few photos taken in here!

Lastly, the royal jewels. This was amazing – not just seeing them but reading about the history of each of the pieces. The actual jewels themselves weren’t as grand as I was expecting – but they were heavily guarded. No photos allowed and a security guard in the room noting into a headpiece every person than entered or left the room. Must say though, the Queen’s regalia was my favourite – absolutely covered in amethysts!

Late lunch at a local burger joint – not the worst we’ve had, but certainly not remarkable. While wandering around looking for lunch, stumbled upon a chocolate shop…I was in heaven! Ended up only buying a few small pieces and a block of “Eaton Mess”. Funnier still, was right beside a female-focused adult shop – with a sign that (when translated via Google Translate) said “Orgasms guaranteed”. Completely lost it at that – would have to be a rather spectacular shop to guarantee that!

Was then going to head to the science centre, but by this time it was already 3:30pm, so decided to call it. As Alex said, science is science, we can just go to our one back home!

Alex decided to nab a quick coffee at his favourite new coffee joint and we also ducked into the supermarket next door for supplies – soap and more Meller for me! Another nap before food (as you do when you’ve been walking so much!) then an attempt to find dinner. My advice to anyone going to Trondheim – if you want Thai food, BOOK A TABLE. We tried three places, all full.

Ended up at a place called Tasting – it was fantastic. REALLY really pleased we ended up here. Had the most succulent chicken, with a really pleasant pepper sauce – and those who know me know I don’t like pepper!

No room for desert (again…probably a good thing after the chocolate shop!) So back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep before our trek to Flam…and the fjords!

Woke up early, as always, and another hotel breakfast – for me: bread, eggs and half a plate of baked beans…and some juice. Enough to keep me going for a whole day, as we didn’t stop for food! Alex went for his last coffee…and got a quad-shot! O.o

Packed up, checked out, grabbed the car and headed out. Leaving Trondheim was sad, we both loved it! Has been our favourite city so far.

The route Google took us on was rather…rural. Gorgeous, but rural ๐Ÿ˜› We went through at least three national parks, saw rolling fields, snow capped peaks, frozen lakes, icicles, adorable livestock (fluffy cows!!!) and glaciers…then we DROVE over a glacier, whileย  monumentally crapping ourselves. We have photos, but they won’t do it justice.

The other thing of note is the number of tunnels here – so many! And not short, either. The road right before Flam takes you through a 27km tunnel. That isn’t a typo. Twenty seven. It was awesome – even had some cool lighting at some points (photos of that too!).

Arrived at Flamsbrygga – the scenery is just amazing. Not only that, but the temperature – a whopping 10ยฐC! Barely even cold ๐Ÿ˜›

Chilling in our room now, waiting for the restaurant to open for dinner. Tomorrow will (fingers crossed) be action packed – train ride past the fjords and hopefully a cruise along them, as we’ll as going to the most amazing lookout here in Norway. Probably no time for blogging, so next update, we’ll be in Stavanger! ๐Ÿ™‚

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