Scandinavian Awesomeness – Part 8

After checking in to Flamsbrygga, it was time for dinner – ate at the local Viking restaurant, which had amazing food and even better service πŸ™‚ Ended the night with a white Russian for dessert!

Back to hotel room to sleep, not really achieved due to rowdy bunch next door who kept partying through to 2am -.-

Not super impressed with hotel – think it’s a bit of a tourist trap. It’s not worth the money we spent, maybe a 3-star (tops). Dodgyness with the bathroom fittings, minimal powerpoints, unclean towels, uncomfortable mattresses and colder than any place we’ve stayed. But we knew what we were in for when we choose the tourist trap – after all, everyone is here for the fjords.

Next morning proved again why the hotel isn’t the best – not a pleasant breakfast. Ate what we could, then went to tourist info for ticket prices and times. Booked ourselves on the 11:10am cruise. That gave us enough time to go for a quick drive up to Stegastein…there are honestly no words. It was beautiful. I’ll get the photos up ASAP.

Back to the hotel for a grab of our warm coats, enough time to grab a drink from the local supermarket then into the bus to start the cruise πŸ™‚

The cruise wasn’t exactly what we were expecting – far more people than we thought. Also, the weather didn’t behave, we did have quite a bit ifcrain, but that stopped about halfway through the cruise. Still lovely though! Got lots of photos!

2 hours later and we were back in Flam. Grabbed a quick bite to eat, then headed back out to go on the Flam Railway!

The railway was unbelievable – it was almost like being on a ride at DreamWorld! The views were just spectacular – looking forward to getting the photos up from that! Few selfies taken and a few sneaky shots by Alex (which I’ve now stolen for profile pics!). The railway went from Flam to Myrdal and back – the way to Myrdal, the train was packed and we were in a carriage with A LOT of loud Americans! The way back was a far better – an entire carriage to ourselves with only one other couple…who were also Australian (from Mission Beach). Had a good chat on the way back to Flam.

Quick break before food – we were going to try the other restaurant (the ONLY other restaurant in town) but it was shut for a private function…so back we went to the Viking joint! Alex enjoyed more beer but I politely declined more White Russians πŸ˜›

Sleep…then pack up time to leave Flam. Because it had rained (again!) overnight, the place looked like it was out of a fairy tale. So beautiful! Checked out and then we were back on the road again to Stavanger.

Stopped at a few places – fuel and photos mainly – but we did have one rather amusing moment. Taking photos of some semi-precious rocks at a tourist stop near a waterfall and I go slip-sliding down an embankment. I was totally fine, my jeans (brand new swanky tummy-tuck jeans!) did not fair so well. Totally covered in mud πŸ˜› Might actually need to pay for some laundry after all…

Had to take a ferry across one point to get to Stavanger – rockiest ferry I’ve ever been on. Luckily, only short, but long enough for a quick bite to eat!

Off the ferry and a mad dash to get to Stavanger as quickly as possible – this is because one of the attractions we REALLY wanted to see here is open on Sundays…but not on Monday or Tuesday. Few minor glitches when looking for parking a.d then a few Google Maps issues when walking, but we finally made it with 50 minutes to spare, which was plenty of time πŸ™‚

The Viking exhibit was really cool – an audible guided tour through the history of the Vikings. Seriously interesting and just the kind of thing we’re both into! Quick scout of the gift shop for postcards and a few other little things. Leisurely walk back to the car (past a coin operated laundry, which we’ll be visiting tomorrow morning!), grab the bags and finally check in.

Relaxing in our room awaiting our dinner to be brought to us – decided eating in would be a nice change!

As most museums etc. are closed on Mondays, tomorrow we’ll go look at a few churches (including a stave church, something Alex really wants to see!) and a trip to the ‘Swords in Stone’. Next update will probably be on the boat as we leave Norway and head to Denmark…and LEGOLAND! ^_^

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