Resolutions… I went and made a few >.>

So this year, for the first time ever, I decided that I was going to set myself some new year resolutions. Have never really done it before, but decided to give it a try this year, if only to see if I could actually stick it out and, come December 31 2013, be able to say I’ve accomplished something I set out to do. I also know that resolutions are pointless if you keep them to yourself – you can easily renege on a deal you made with your inner voice, is a little bit harder if you’ve told all of your friends/followers/stalkers about it…

So here goes. My 2013 resolutions. Pretty sure a majority of these resolutions will be made by quite a few people, but there might be the odd one or two that are a bit different!

1. Get healthy – While losing weight would be good and nice, it’s not the aim of the exercise. I want to be able to proudly state that I am *healthy* and actually mean it. I am a little overweight, and that could do with some fixing, but it’s the other small things that need to be fixed more. I want to eat better and stop eating crap food (KFC is not an adequate dinner replacement!), I want to get fitter by exercising more and yes, that does actually mean leaving the house. I do have a weight aim in mind, but that’s between me, Alex and my hideous disgusting bathroom scales.

2. Stop bleeding money – The amount of money we wasted this year on random crap is astounding. The amount of money we’ve successfully paid off on our credit card is just disgusting. While I do love material things (hey, Lego’s expensive!) I do need to stop being impulsive and stop spending money just because I have it. There are more important things I could be saving for…like that European holiday we’ve been promising ourselves for the last 4 years! This also means that we’ll hopefully be paying off some of the debt we owe so that we’re in a better position at the end of this year than we were at the end of last!

3. Work on getting my Microsoft Certification – I want to, by the end of this year, be an MCSA. It’s not a huge ask. It’s a couple of exams. I have most of the knowledge, I just need to take time out of my busy gaming schedule to ensure that I study that little bit harder and actually complete it this year.

4. Attempt to finish my Bachelors degree – Come end of Summer Semester 2013, I’d like to have my degree. It’s been going on for far far far far far too long. I realise that working full-time and studying part-time is difficult, but I need to bite the bullet and get it finished. I think it would be both a huge achievement and an absolutely massive relief. Then I can start looking at further study, just to stress myself out that little bit more šŸ™‚

5. Not let work control my life – Previously, I’ve let work dictate my life. I’m guilty of checking my work email late at night, early in the morning, on weekends, on holidays. I’ve gone into work, while on holidays, just to catch up on what’s been happening. I need to not do that. For the first time ever, this Christmas Holidays, I didn’t check my work email. Not even ONCE. While I did go into work towards the end of the holiday, it was to drop of Christmas fudge presents, not to catch up on work. I want that to happen more often. I don’t want to be the 30 year old suffering from burn-out.

6. I want to go on holidays somewhere that isn’t my own house – Fingers crossed this one becomes reality this April. The last time I spent time away was back in 2011…which is now quite a long time ago! Even a few days somewhere else (preferably without any internet access!) would be lovely…and very much needed!

7. Go on a defensive driving course – This isn’t just me wanting to do this. I think a few people have suggested (and more than suggested!) that I go off and do this. One of my aims for this year, as lame as it seems is to “not drive like a crazy person”. Sounds like common sense…and self preservation!

8. Stress less and smile more – I’m a bit of a pessimist, I see the glass as half empty and I over-think *everything*. This year, I want to try and stop doing that and live, just a little bit, in the moment. I want to be able to not stress about every single thing, and worry myself into panic attacks. I want to be able to go to bed at night without my head racing. This is my last and, most probably, my hardest goal for the year.

So there you have it – not particularly glamorous or exciting, but my goals for the year. My hope is, that by putting these up in a public way, I’ll be more inclined to stick with them…at least for the first few months of the year! I’ll (hopefully) post some periodic updates throughout the year to keep me honest šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Resolutions… I went and made a few >.>

  1. Philippa aka Mum

    You need to set your alarm to send you here every couple of months so you can see how you’re doing and whether you have forgotten any of your goals.
    All of these goals are achievable and if anyone can achieve them, you can. You just have to keep reminding yourself that you’ve set them and hopefully, the road will become easier & the goals will be achieved. If not totally, then partially (at first) and you can work on that. Even small steps in the right direction are noteworthy!!
    Love you, and I think they are very sensible, practical and achievable goals and I think you’ll be all the better for having achieved them. xox

  2. ningauiFeebz

    I did my masters part time while working and it was tough. Seems like such a sacrifice at the time but it’s now going on about 10 years since I finished it! If you get your degree finished next year you can spend the rest of your years looking back going “I did it”!


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