Lego collection update

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I figured it’s been a while and I also figured it’d be nice that after my last four blog posts about professional stuff, it would be nice to have something a bit more fun.

My Lego collection has somewhat changed since the last time I did a post. Quite a few more additions and I am *literally* running out of room. It’s somewhat scary. We’re discussing raising the house and putting in another floor underneath and one of the major drivers is my Lego collection. Not sure if that’s awesome or disturbing >.>

Anyway, here goes:

As you can see, running out of room. “But wait” I can hear you cry, “what about the top of that bookcase?”


“Or the bookcase on your desk?” (Don’t know how you knew I had one, but sure, I’ll go with it!):

I also have some random pieces that just don’t fit anywhere and are either on my desk or on the floor (yes, ladies and gentlemen, the *floor* – that’s how little space I have left 🙁 )

So there you have it – the latest and greatest in my Lego collection. There are 7 photos linked here. The other 35 that I took recently (including close ups of each of the shelves) can be found at in my Imgur Lego album – you’ll want to scroll to the very bottom to see the latest ones! ^_^ Enjoy!

P.S. Semi-related, quick update on my NanoBlock collection:

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