Lego Update – July 2015

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So I realise that the last time I did a Lego update was back in April last year. That’s a long time and a heap has changed.

Saddest thing – I’ve had to pack up a whole heap. I have five giant rolling storage boxes filled with all the Lego I’ve taken apart. I dismantled all my Creator (minus the larger display sets), Technic, Minecraft & City (Police, Mountain Police, Fire & Mine). Was sad…but I just needed the room!

So, with no further ado, here is where my collection and display currently stands.



This is the top of my bookcase on my desk. Sets are:

  • Lego Movie “Sea Cow”
  • 2015 Pirate ship
  • Sopwith Camel (and baby Sopwith Camel!)
  • Death Star
  • UCS X-Wing
  • UCS Imperial Shuttle




Top of the IKEA 5×5 bookcase I have that houses all my Lego. Sets are:

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Creator Modular Grand Emporium
  • Creator Modular Pet Shop
  • Monster Fighters’ Haunted House
  • Monster Fighters’ Castle
  • UCS Super Star Destroyer
  • Lego Space sets




A nice showing of all my sets. Collection include:

  • LotR & Hobbit sets
  • Specialty Creator kits (Mini, VW Kombi & mini Creator Modulars)
  • Mixels (Seasos 1-5)
  • Simpsons House
  • 2015 Pirate sets
  • Star Wars kits, including UCS R2D2, AT-AT, planet sets, micro fighters, Millenium Falcon, TIE Fighter normal, UCS Tie Fighter, Mindstorms AT-AT, X-Wing, Imperial Star Destroyer, Sandcrawler & three years (2012-2014) of Star Wars Lego Advent calendar sets
  • Lego movie (including all the Unikitty’s!)
  • Monster Fighters
  • Horizon Express train


Full album (including close up photos of some sets can be found in my Imgur gallery

Hope you’ve enjoyed the update!

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