Lego Update – July 2014

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Realised it’s been a while since I’ve done an update on where my home Lego collection currently stands, so thought I’d throw up a few photos.

(Top of the bookcase above my desk)
Lego Collection - Top of desk

(Top of my Ikea 5×5 Expedit bookcase)
Lego Collection - Ikea Expedit 1

(In the Ikea 5×5 Expedit bookcase)
Lego Collection - Ikea Expedit 2

Lego Collection - Ikea Expedit 3

(The pieces that won’t fit anywhere else so they have to go on the floor…)
Lego Collection - Floor

I should also mention that almost all of my Creator kits and *all* of my Lego City kits have had to be packed up to make room for my bigger pieces – looks like it’ll be a slowly revolving door of kits as new pieces are bought and old ones taken down…at least until I can build in under my house and get some more space to put ALL my Lego up in one room ^_^

I’ve also got a few pieces at work – mini creator kits, minifigs and all three MineCraft sets – I need *something* to play with at work!

One other thing – I have been asked from time-to-time which pieces are my favourites. So the following is a list, in order, of the pieces that I like the most – this is purely personal and based on build and final model:

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