Apologies for the hiatus – scheduled updates will resume shortly!

Serious apologies for the hiatus here – been working fairly non-stop on a 2012 R2 upgrade, still doing some Server 2003 decommissions and (as many of you will be aware) I’m now speaking at Microsoft Ignite Australia…not once, but twice! I’ve also been on leave for the last two weeks as well, trying to avoid sitting in front of my PC and really only communicating via my phone while lying down somewhere – on my bed, on the couch, on the floor, in the car…

So, promise that updates will resume shortly. Have a few pieces in the work (one on preparing for technical speaking that may be of interest!) and I pink-swear to start working on them again…as soon as Ignite is all over and done with and I can stop worrying about making a fool of myself ^_^

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