Yes, we’re tying the knot.

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I’d been toying with the idea of keeping the news to only our family, or just to a close few, or to not tell anyone at all. Sadly, I’m not that great at keeping these kinds of secrets – happy secrets, things that *should* be shared.

So I’m putting it out there so everyone knows so I can stop hiding, and start going nuts on Pinterest and posting milestones about the planning on Facebook and Twitter without feeling a bit selfish or stupid.

Alex (known by many names online!) and I are finally tying the knot. After being together for 12 years, being engaged for 5 years, we’ve (well…*I’ve*) decided that we should step up to the plate and make it all official. We’ll be having a small ceremony and celebration with our family in October this year, mainly due to budget constraints. We’ll most likely have a party of some kind for our multitude of friends sometime in early November.

I’m not a traditional bride-to-be type – I didn’t dream of my big day, or even care if my big day came or not. I am planning our big day (notice the ‘our’, there – it’s not just my day, it’s his too!) to make sure it suits us and incorporates things that are important to us. To that end, I’m not getting married in the traditional white and I’m trying to find some way to include the geekier aspects of our lives (gaming, Lego and Star Wars – mainly for me :P) into the day so that it’s a day about *US*.

To our family and friends that already knew, this means you can talk about our wedding without worrying if you should 🙂

So, now that you know, don’t be surprised if you start seeing posts about dresses and cake ideas and shoe choices popping up. Apologies for those it annoys, but I can’t help but be a *little* excited about it all ^_^

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