The “Oh Shit” kit

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Had a request from someone who wanted to know what was actually inside my “Oh Shit” kit (as mentioned in my “Looking back on *the* wedding” post)…which makes sense. I really should’ve provided this in the first place!

So, to elaborate, my own personal “Oh Shit” kit contained the following (and it was all contained in a small makeup bag I got from K-Mart for $5):

  • Small sewing kit: I was pretty specific too, in that my small sewing kit needed to contain black and red thread – was easy enough to find at my local super market!
  • Small tube superglue: just in case *something* broke and I needed to fix it, especially with the number of crafty projects I had as part of the wedding
  • Sunscreen: my wedding was during the day, so this was pretty important – I did actually use the sunscreen on the way up because I could feel my left arm burning in the car, even with the windows up!
  • Bobby pins: a no-brainer – just in case your hair needs that quick retouch (or someone else’s does!)
  • Hair clips: same reason as above, needed mainly because I have such long and heavy hair!
  • Hair spray: to hold shit in place if it started to fall – I didn’t use this at all and think I gave it away to someone (or threw it out!)
  • Brush & comb: useful as all hell and still useful to this day – I’ve used these numerous times in my car
  • Extra make-up: my makeup artist was lovely and gave me a few pieces of makeup to take with me as a “just in case”. These included extra lipgloss, concealer, mascara and well as a few makeup pads and cotton tips. Did end up using the lipgloss and still use it on special occasions!
  • Mini first-aid kit: nothing worse than bleeding on your wedding day. Bandaids, bandages, disinfectant…all the important things in case something “bad” happens
  • Stain remover: found this one online and thought it was ingenious – picked up a tube of ‘Sard Wonder’ concentrated stain removed from Coles and actually forgot I still had it, as there have been times I could’ve used it at work!
  • Panadol/Herron: you will get a headache…it is inevitable. Just make sure you take enough for the two of you!
  • Plastic bags: to help stash all sorts of stuff, these were really handy and we still have a few stashed in the back of the car
  • Extra underwear & stockings: these are *not* still in the “Oh Shit” kit, but on the day, remember to put them in…you never know what might happen!
  • USB drive: this was mainly because we had our laptops with us and could easily do the transfers but this was if anyone had any photos they wanted to give us on the day and it also contained all of my runlists, my spreadsheets, our vows, the entire ceremony…pretty much the entire wedding >.>
  • Sugary snacks (Glucol Jellybeans!): these don’t exist in the “Oh Shit” kit either anymore…because we ate them! Ate one packet on the way up the mountain to the wedding and the second on the way to Montville to perk ourselves up. Seriously, best idea I ever had!


So there you have it – the “Oh Shit” kit ^_^

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